Grandma & Mum

Thank You To You

To the main matriarch, my grandma Speedy, thank you for your love & care. Forever in my heart.

Thanks to my Mum Angie for your unconditional love, guidance, kindness and for navigating my moods.

You taught me independence and showed me struggles. You continue to believe in me, encourage and support me. Thank you.

To my Dad

Thank you

You showed me what a proud, kind, respected man looks like.

You always told me to aim high, never settle for a man who he didn’t love & adore me and to always follow my dreams.
You continue to wrap me in your protection. I miss you everyday.

My dad Fred

Thank you

My dearest Sister Clare

We have grown up, side by side and have come long way
Since 173 Crabtree, Paston, Peterborough.
We are both doing great. I’m so proud of you.
Thank you for being my sister, not that you had a choice!

Me & my sister Clare

For my sister & my sistas & my sistahs and sistrens, thank you for being such great friends and allies.
I am so grateful and feel so blessed.

Thank you

Carly, my bestie

Who I picked up nearly 30yrs ago and got stuck to.

Thank you for being my problem solver and one of the funniest people I know.

You know me inside & out, warts & all.

Thank you to the femxles supporting femxles out there.

Ursula Kelly stand up.

You have surpassed my expectations. You have poured your heart, talent and passions into me and my project.

Your first class photography, brand support and eye has been so valuable. Thank you.

Lisa Cai stand up.

For many, many years we have worked together. Thank you for always remaining calm and collective.

Working in opposite time zones has meant many late nights and early mornings for both. Thank you for your friendship.

Ursula & Lisa

Lastly, but firstly, thank you

To the Mandem in my world.

Thank you, Lucas for loving me, putting up with me and blessing me with our sons Freddy Rio and
our soon to arrive Remi Marco. Together we are raising boys into men, good men that are open – hearted, kind,
strong and full of life.