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Sara Christie

My Why

My love for accessories is simple: making a bold statement confidently
I want to help you do the same.

‘Their importance can never be stressed enough. They are elements that transform a dress’

Yves Saint Laurent

As a woman, do you look to others for inspiration?
Because I do.
Womanhood means being multifaceted with an ability to shapeshift throughout the day.
We are Professionals and Mothers and Sisters and Friends….
We aren’t one person to all.

We stand for the And. Not the or.

Demand on time is greater than ever.

Finding time for you and what you need is precious.

When there is so much to choose from on the high street with six seasons being the norm.

Where do you start? What do you buy and why?

It can be stressful, confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming.

My Style

Keep it simple

I am often flattered to be asked about my style, on how I consistently look effortless.

My answer, always, is to keep it simple.

Don't overcomplicate, overcompensate, or overkill.

What is the key?

My collection

With this in mind, I’ve created my collection to have a distinctive simple aesthetic.

Versatile whilst bold, Elegant, and functional.

The key is simplifying and accentuating.

When your style + wardrobe reflects this approach, you can see what you have.

Too much stuff is simply a waste and blinds you to what's already there.

Having less will identify and define your style.
You can create better outfits.

Know what suits you and instantly feel good.

Just a few new additions every now and then to complement your existing wardrobe in a creative way will give you clarity and confidence in your both decision making and style statements.

An accessory can be a potent tool.

They can give a pre-loved outfit a new configuration.
They extend the life of your clothes.
They elevate and update a simple look effortlessly.
They can alter the attitude of your outfits with ease.
They can create a style that packs a punch,
That gets a second look, that makes you feel confident and chic and individual.

Do you deserve to look and feel good in every aspect of your life and do it instantly and effortlessly?

I believe as a woman today with everything going on, keeping life fuss-free and clutter-free, making a confident investment in your wardrobe is both a joy and key to your style success, it’s what has worked for me for nearly 30 years and I want to help you achieve it too.
It’s what By Sara Christie is all about.
Keep it simple Sistas!

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