It's a chain reaction

Once upon a time...

A young girl called Sara Christie had a dream.

She knew she would turn her love affair with classic style and fashion into a brand.

She was determined and she succeeded!

And so it began with a #simplechainreaction and Bysarchristie was born on 28th November 2020.

Since then Sara has released both a jewellery and handbag range.

Her clients span the globe and her products have been styled for photoshoots featured in Elle, Rain & Glamour magazine. Sara’s collection can be found in Fenwick and a number of boutiques within the UK.

Sara’s ambition for the future is to grow and expand her product collections, amplify her voice and values as a black female entrepreneur and give a helping hand to others wanting to follow their dreams.

by sara christie

Sara Christie is fashion designer, consultant and innovative style leader.

With experience in the industry spanning over 20 years.

Sara has been based in Nottingham for 23 years where the beginning of her fashion love affair education, employment and strong network started while attending Nottingham University completing a degree in Fashion Design back in 2001.  After successfully achieving her degree she then spring boarded into various roles within the East Midlands, securing a career at Next plc.

Sara’s time at Next saw her grow from an assistant designer to become a Design Manager.

Her role saw her travel the globe for fashion and trade shows, sourcing and manufacturing and it was during this time that Sara built business relationships that would in the future become her support for her own independent business.

Sara’s time in India gave her a valuable insight into the processes of design and manufacturing.  She also gained an all-important understanding of the other side of fashion that we don’t normally see for ourselves, that is the time and the care that goes into sampling, sourcing, and meeting the buyer’s expectations.  Sara’s time spent here taught her the essential values of kindness, partnership, and friendship in business.

Process, time, and cost: without these values business has no joy or purpose at all.

This has fuelled her passion for sustainable processes and design.

Buying less, buying better and really, really wear it is at the core of her brand

Keep it simple is her daily mantra.


By Sara Christie Jewellery & Handbag Designer UK Stockists










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