My story

Who Am I?

My name is Sara Christie and I have had a love affair with classic style and fashion ever since I can remember. 

Heavily influenced by my upbringing, dressing well was seen more as a sense of pride rather than dressing in the latest looks and trends. 

My Jamaican Grandma Speedy and my Grandad Maestro met and worked in Kingston Jamaica as a seamstress and him a Tailor.

They came to England in 1951 on the Queen’s invite to start a new life in the UK. 

Along with many others they bought with them hopes, dreams and of course a distinct sense of pride.

This was echoed loudly in their sense of style and dress.

Displays of self expression, that bring out the best in you, that elevate you and make you feel beautiful should never be underestimate. 

BY Sara Christie Logo White